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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Love Will Keep Us Alive...

10 things in life that you should love the most…

Just like the fallen waterless leaves of the close by tree, at what time it falls, and then no one cares. Contrasting the crimson flower of the loggia and the time it blooms-so many natives stares at it with compelling eyes. Then what about the life that we have artistically premeditated? We lay down the master map; put multihued colors on it; have added overwhelming stickers. Then all of a swift when it plunges, then it shatters and then nothing can bring to a standstill-the salty tears-that cascades down our own eyes.

Heart, who have whispered that it hurts? Rather it’s the one-who do cares-even if we take steps recklessly. It beats even if you hate. It calls despite the fact that you take no notice of. It feels whether you are retarded or not. It’s so insane, it gives a sway, even if you glimpse the person-you hated the for the most part. Until the end of time seek to eavesdrop, no matter how much it speaks, what your heart tries to say to you.
Love your heart.
Tears are in all probability the most astounding and fatal weapon of this mother earth. The person knows it better-who have shed it in the darkest division of the lonesome night; in the anticipation of a new-fangled, improved day. A day, where a solitary tear drop would bring down calm rain drops, on your aching face. Tears are very precious, try not to be a cause of someone else’s tears.
Love your tears.
Loneliness is what I came across to be the much unsurpassed friend of my life. It hurts, it makes me giggle and sometimes, it can even make me cry. But the good part of loneliness is-it gives me the occasion to revive me, my life, and my world and with reference to everyone. Loneliness is treacherous too, it will trip you out; put you in a daze will kill you like a noxious venom. Try to make your excuses from it, but if it’s inevitable then take pleasure in the every split second it has to tender you. Never renounce and be strong. Love the loneliness.
Music it characterizes the cadence of life. The energy is always present there-whenever you could do with them. In no matter what frame of mind you are-there are always some genre to dangle you up-which you can attempt to lift up your emotions. The magic-that changes the means you blink your eyes. Music can be the preeminent alternative to wipe away the frustrations, it worked at least for me and it still does.
It only depends on your taste for it.
Love the music.
Friends are the weirdest obsession on the entire world. They act as if to be all over the place, in fact they are. How weird and wonderful it is, they are at all times there, on the very places where on earth you are. Sometimes they are the individual, who plays the tricks, while we sketch the double cross. They cry when we laugh, we dance on the moment in time while they blubber. They act so uncanny all the time but the fact that we can’t deny is-they are the best dearest of our life.
Love your friends.
Family members are the factual finest friends of our life. Whether you acknowledge this or not; surely even if it’s the day prior to you breathe your last breath, the persons who cared for you in your intact lifetime-was them-your own Family. Don’t ever let them down. There can be an age disparity, they might sometime act very apprehensive but at the closing stages of the day, they are our most excellent well wishers. They always desire us to be the very best, that’s why their expectation from us is very high. They are simply awe-inspiring.
Love your family

Honesty is the proper assets of your life span. Once you have sacrificed it, everything will experience so absorbed with the dampness-the wetness of sorrows, the moisture that diffuses to make you feel-that you are the loser. Be honest with your life-be a man. Everyone hates a person without honesty it makes no divergence whether he is the principal of your High School or she is the boss of the multinational company that you work for
 Love your honesty.
Religion is the silhouette of the coat that will look after you always. It might not seem commonsensical to you-to be protected. But this is the only set of connections which attaches you with your God. Be with your religion. Everyday so many people we come across, so many things we execute, so many places we visit-the thing that I believe-which makes us dissimilar from all the other people out there is the way we judge. Religion will always direct you towards the right assessment.
Love your religion.
Unity is the potency of the youth. Be united to exchange blows for the truth; to make a difference; to furnish a new facet to your precious hopes. Men with unity can revolutionize the whole world; man without unity is changed by the world. A piercing voice of one might be ignored most of the time, it’s quite natural but the strength of a chain of youth will never be without being seen.
Be united and love unity.
Smile is the ingredient to recreate the whole lot with the refreshing aroma of positive energy. The best medication to make an individual happy-is to make them be aware of that-they are not unaccompanied. Smile is all we care for. Keep the smile on your face forever. This is my personal preferred, I love to smile and I like those people who smile a lot.
Love to smile.
Life is short, it’s not always essential that it will move on the exact track. Even if it does it will be just a proof that how fortunate we are. If it does not-it doesn’t mean that our life has get nearer to an end. There is always an alternative resolution to every problem. Obstacles will exist in life, not to be surrendered to, but only to be broken. Wherever you are, doing whatever things you love to do always remember that 
love will keep us alive.

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