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Tuesday, 7 September 2010


If this was what you have planned,
Then baby I am so sorry
I’m not the precise person.
I have told you before,
It’s not even the coldness in between the feelings and miles that separates us-our love.

But that’s the truth.
No matter what you do-where ever you go-there is always someone caring for you,
Whatever bridges I cross , whoever people I come across-doesn’t matter how much they show off their thoughts-I know there is until the closing stages of time someone-always praying for me-you.

Magic was the word-which initiated and started,
Landscape changed-emotions raised-moments got frustrated,
Hand in hand-innocence was everywhere-premature adorableness erupted,
Eye to eye-no sound-you looked-I stared-the rant and rave got rusted.

I do recognize how greatly I hate you,
I value how much you feel disgusted,
Do not know whether those were love or not, don’t yearn for to,
Still wondering-I have misplaced everything-I wish long before it lasted.

You have nonentity to do-you were by your own,
I was the one-the git-the twofold faced one,
Never realized-how I would feel-it was on no account known,
Today when tear cascades down my eye-it seems like fun.

I know it ended long before-then at what point in time you did it again,
Whats the raison d'être of igniting a chocked up heart-whats the gain?
I know-it seems like a down-market-B rating movie-with lame pain,
But you have in no way seen me-loving you in real-walking down the other lane.

Your magical eyes-your naughty laughs-your idyllic thoughts,
My lameness-my weirdness-my quietness-that’s all we have got,
The truth is-I never realized-the real-reality of the factual life,
The legitimacy was-is-will be-we are not at all meant to be…
Never meant to be…

Wherever you are,
Don’t know what to pronounce to you,
You are a fire-such a fire,
It’s more or less two yeas…

Repentant and happy-couldn’t show you,
The some time ago stranger-what is he now,
I swear-I have left everything,
Now I’m no more lost-and exploring,
But appreciating-this lonesome world,
I wish, I could have made known you-the exact me,
I’m still alive-still I can smile,
I’m still alive-but I’m barely breathing,
I don’t give a damn,
How much it seems fake to you,
Everyone can see-that I’m smiling,
Yes I’m.

- Be happy
- Feel the things you have never felt before
- Meet people with different point of view
- Show them your inner side
- Be sure you will be the winner-always

My prayer and my best wishes are always with you.
I'm still your biggest fan, and your are my biggest celebrity.

A letter to you from a past and a present stranger…

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