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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lord, please accept my prayer and I don't want to forget it.

Dear Lord,

Today I have apprehended that I am left with only 18 months in hand, but still haven’t done much to touch my goalmouths or my eventual dreams. If I don’t act or become serious from now on, then there is a great chance, that I might lose it all.

Lord, give me abundant dynamism so that I can toil so hard, that the next 18 months will remain as the stiffest working time of my lifespan. Give ample serenity to my mind and soul so that it don’t get distracted towards less imperative things, rather direct it towards my priorities, upsurge my attentiveness towards my studies and research.

Meanwhile, give me those prospects so that I can bump into those people, who got offended because of my troublesomeness or something immature- that I might have done grudgingly; but deep inside the heart they felt bad and started hating me. I want to make sure and elucidate where I was wrong and I need their help to rectify myself.

Lord, I know who my dad is and where from he came and how many things he forewent for our family. There was not a single thing so far, which we asked and never time-honored it. He skilled us the difference between right and wrong and told us how to single out them. Latterly, due to some anomalous action of mine, he was really miffed and stopped talking to me for days, only then I appreciated what I have done and how off beam I was. I am happy that things are now satisfactory and I thank You a lot, for passing this realization to me. Lord, please provide me verve so that I can live up to all of his dreams.

My mom, hmm, the only person with whom I wrangle so much and have disagreements and dissimilar judgment in most of the concerns, still I know how much she loves me and I hope she understands how much we three sibling loves her. Lately after her accident, the day when the Milad Sharif took place on the mosque and the moment Imam Hujur started Munajat for her; I realized how much I love her as I couldn’t stop my tears. Lord, please give us both Hedaayet, so that we can clear all of our differences and set an example of how cool the relationship between a mom and her son can be. InShaaAllah.

Well, at the very start of the year I decided and made a pact that I am not going to date anyone until December 2014; and I am still holding on that. Lord, please bounce me plenty oomph, so that I can apprehend the Haraam things and stay away from them; so that I can maintain the rule of Pardaa’ of Islam. It’s really hard for me to do so, but I am indomitable that I want to do that, because I fear you and I want to be the best husband for my future wife.

In this case I don’t want to be a whited sepulcher and be a double faced git. Yes, I like someone, I like her for years but I can’t do anything about it – right at this moment. The more I am procrastinating, I know deep inside how bad it feels, and she is just getting away from me. But what can I do, my hands are snarled! Lord I always prayed: ‘Please do something’, because I couldn’t bear the soreness of not getting her close; and the fact that-I was pushing her far away. Lord, you are the Best Planner. I like her so much, that I think she is the best thing that ever happened to me through any of my friends. Yes I want her, but I also want the best for her too. If she is in my destiny, then let her be! If not, I have to deal with that, and I really have no idea how I am going to do that. Lord, one thing is for sure, I am not going to give up and I want to be the best man for her and I want to do that till the very last moment, following all the Halal ways.

Lord, I can’t thank You enough, for all the things that you have provided me with, best mom and dad, such a thoughtful and sweet sister and such an upright little brother. I could never whine about the health wealth, happiness of our family, Alhamdulillah. Lord, please increase the level of patience of my family and make us determined to do something for the country, for the Muslim Umh’ah. I am sanctified with so many mentors and friends, I don’t think I ever had to pass a single day being sad or depressed, because they were always there to cheer me up.

Lord within days, Ramadan is going to start and we are waiting for it with such anticipation. This year, the day length is too long and the summer temperature is too high, Lord, please have your mercy on the poor people and guide the youths of today so that they can do something for the unfortunate ones in this month and earn 70 times more Sawwab. Lord, this year during the month of Ramadan I have intended to recite the Holy Qur’an - once, fully-from the start to the end. Please, accept my Niy’at and guide me properly so that I can recite in the most correct way. And I would also like to attend all the ‘Khatmey Tarabi’ prayer on the mosque. Along with this, give me enough opportunities to pray 5 times at the Mosque, so that it becomes a convention and I don’t miss any Salah on purpose; and most importantly, So that I can pray them all on time. Ameen.

Lord, I want to be the best son every mother and father would be proud of, and I also want to be the best brother every sibling would be inspired of. I want do excel so much in life, so that I can present myself to my future wife - as the best husband she can get; and in doing so, I want to be a good father and a good provider for my kids. Lord, I want to travel miles before I go to sleep. Please guide me. InShaaAllah!

But in doing so, I don’t want to be unable to summon up what my true identity is, that who I am and what is my duty in this world. I am a human being, an ‘Ashraful Makhlukat’, the best of Your creation. And You have created us only so that we worship you. You are ‘Allah-hu-Samadun’, ‘Allah-hu-Muhaiminun’, You are ‘Gofurur Rahim’; Indeed the best of all names belongs to you.

Allah (swt), please give us enough liveliness, so that we can differentiate between the right and wrong and cross every barrier towards a better future worshipping You.


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