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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ten Present Priorities of mine…

·        Money: lately I have figured it out, that how awful life can get a hold if you are broke or if you have to ask for small bills, on a daily basis to your mom and dad. Life is not fine when you had no jobs for long four months and finished all of your savings. The hard part is the after juncture. Life is too harsh. Been there, Seen it, Done that.

    Research-paper: I must say that, my life kind of changed when my original research paper got selected for a poster competition. Way to go son, way to go. All thanks goes to my faculty Dr. Shahriar Khan, for whose brainwave moved me a lot.

·    CGPA: ah! That bitch. I just hate the 4 letter. Just because of this word there are so many tribulations among me and my other friends. I hate you.
        Laptop: my sexy ultrabook. Hmm it was the best present that I ever received, I guess. I just can’t thank enough my mom and dad. It feels great to posses the best techno in the market. But at the same time it’s the foremost reason of me becoming indolent and is wasting so much of expensive time.

      Robotics: the classy reverie. Who knew it would be so tough to master Arduino language and AVR studio? But I am fluky to have so many excellent instructors and elder brothers who are so caring and are very heartfelt. Now I need to put away money for all the diminutive parts that I need to buy. So 499 here we come.
      Friendship: is realizing the fact that, how imperative it is to have some good associates. I just don’t want to put pen to paper about this.
        Group-study: there is no substitute to this and there cannot be any. It’s just for the reason that I have lost all my good group-study partners only because of me. Why do all people have issue problems? Jhogra lagbey ek jon, agoon lagabey arekjon. So funny!

·        Homework: hmm after doing so bad in 2 midterm test: EEE 232 and EEE 332, I should unquestionably accentuate on doing them on time. I can’t risk ending up with bad grades any more.
   Club: I really feel affection for SSET, I donno for what motive. May be they are doing precisely the genus of work I always wanted to do, so I would like to highlight on this club beside my studies.
       Arduino: this is the first thing that I want to become skilled at in the next semester break. Arduino language is effortless to build up and their hardware’s are uncomplicated to toil on.

So let it be…

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