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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Sometime, some ordinary thing becomes an extraordinary part of our life.

Being the very youngest part of the family is always bothersome, especially in the case where you have three elder brothers. I was not born dissimilar in any way but apart from the fact of wearisome, I was cursed with envy, constant bossing around and was always deprived of all the amenities that my elders had. From my childhood they became my rival, not to mention Zion; the elder one; who had the tendency of getting infuriated, just by glancing at me. But who knew, one day Zion would come forward to save me by slapping, then hugging followed by some wise words and become my best friend.

Just like any other ordinary day, I was working on my laptop sitting on the couch. Since the gentle noises of the rain outside was not heard by me; because of the head phone on my head; it was quite obvious that I could not react to the call of Zion from the next room. By the time Zion rushed to my room, mainly to beat me up, he was shocked by the sound of the shattered glass and stood numb. At the same time I was trying to cut my hand with a small piece of glass, I was crying like hell, my full eyes were concentrating of the snap of Fiorel, my ex girlfriend on the screen and all I realized was that the bleeding sucked really big time. All Zion could do at that very moment was screamed, pushed me and have slapped me on my face to make me stop.

It seemed like the situation was getting better. The tear drops from my eyes had finally stopped, leaving behind two sore-red eyes. I started to gain control of myself. It was just because of Zion that I realized being me, what had just happened and was able to analyze the whole scenario. He had locked the door, turned on the AC and made me go and wash my face. Then all he did was, he looked at me, and for the very first time not being as an elder brother but as a very caring person he asked me: ‘Alex just tell me what happened and trust me everything will be just fine’.

To be very honest, I was not expecting his soothing advice, but it had left a magical impact on me. With my weeping voice, in great details I told him my whole breakup story. I did my best to make him understand that I was done with my life. He smiled and patiently answered all my questions; I realized lately that he was a great listener. Then he concluded the session by saying: “These Fiorels’ are nothing but illusions, tens will come and hundreds will go, by this time you should know”.

Then it took me barely three days, four and a half hour to get back to my regular boring life. During that two hour period of time I could have done something really bad, but I could not, because someone saved me. It is really mesmerizing to accept a years old enemy as your best friend, just because of a slap, a tight hug and for some great words.


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