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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I had to say my love -‘goodbye’

I really cannot remember the last time, when I felt myself as lost and lonely-maybe the magic of a new university is having a great impact on a fresher like me. At university every new class, seems to teach me a new perspective on life; not to mention the people I am meeting and above all the wonderful friends that I am having. Unfortunately a silly behavior of someone in the middle of the whole class-can actually change the whole scenario-at least it happened with me.
Unlike every day, the day started with my English class. Since, it was my first semester and the case was the same for most of the rest-the friendly environment was rarely visible. Every day I try to sit next to unknown students so that we can get known to each other; and this was how I met her-Fiorel. She was rather tall than most of the other girls in the class with jet black hair. With a skin of glowing dark complexion, Fiorel became the most attractive girl to me, in the class. Our conversation started with a simple ‘Hi’ but it ended with exchanging cell numbers, Skype and Facebook ID’s.
Days went by, I cannot recollect how many classes I have attended but I do remember how much we have chatted over Skype, at least for five hours every night- I wish our teacher knew that. Despite of not having the tag of ‘teenagers’, we were still youth-and it was getting hard for us to resist the temptation. Starting from hugging to touching, we did everything two good friends do-and our bond grew stronger and stronger. Emotions grew stronger in between us and we could not do anything. We knew, we were marching towards a path of nowhere. We were going to be lost.
Finally the day came; it was the last class of the semester. We both knew, we cannot remain silent, someone have to take the initiative, someone have to start or end this. We were confused. The class was about to end. Fiorel took out a paper, and wrote something and passed that to me. Seeing that, a tear drop cascaded through my face. I looked in her eyes, and said ‘No’. She became numb. She stood up and in front of everyone, and said “I love you”. The whole class became silent. Seeing all those staring eyes on me, I became nervous. I was speechless. By then I was listening to many comments that were passed on me.
I remained silent. Fiorel did not have anything else to do, which was obvious- she cried. The class ended and I started to walk out of the class, I was so embarrassed. Outside the class, I was waiting for her. She came to me and before Fiorel started to say anything, I took her hands one last time and have kissed them. I had to say my love good-bye.

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