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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Praying for someone you Love!

What should someone do, when she/he is sad? What would you do, when you miss someone? Would you like to devote a whole sleepless night just by glaring at the shady and solitary sky of a miserable night? Or how about some senseless music to charge you up by dancing on them. I heard painting helps some to revive themselves by bringing their creativity on. But today, I have decided I want to write.

I know for many writing can be so boring. Even if you are good at it, what would you prefer to write the most? Is it a poem of love for someone you care about? Or a story describing the most awkward situation which you have dealt with recently and you think you would like to share them with your friends. But today, I wanted to write a poem, but ended up opening my pc and complaining through this digital piece of paper.

So if you have read the above two subsections, I know by now, that you like questioning yourself and the chances that you are going to read this paper till the very end, is very high.

Just today, while you were in the class have you questioned yourself, that why were you not able to give the best answer among all, in the shortest period of time? Or was the boss at your office too harsh on you just because you couldn’t submit your final report before the deadline, while others were appreciated.

Do you also feel the same way that it’s ok if you are not the hero at every game around, sometime it’s fine to lose and be second? It gives us the chance to excel, raises our hungriness to do better and learn from our mistakes. But can you deal with rejections and failures like many of our closed ones, because often time I can’t and I fail more often.

Recently have you tried to make someone happy and failed? I did! I have found most of the time I can make people laugh with fake stories and smiles and not to mention people falls for lame jokes very well. But isn’t it so heart breaking that you are trying to do something to make someone happy from the deepest part of your heart, but the person seems to care less or don’t even bother to fell considerate.

Does it occur to you too, that you are listening to one of your favorite song and for the first time you understood its meaning and for the whole time you were envisioning someone you love, but in reality, there was no extra real part of that, it was just a song. The greatest gismo to make a heart appease with its melodious zephyr – the music can actually make you gloomy, it does for me. Have you ever tried to listen to a favorite song of someone special and not remember her/him for a single time, is it ever possible? May be because love is magical.

Love is special, love is kind, love knows no boundary, but sometime don’t you think there should have been a limit on how much people exaggerates on this special term - love? Love may be blind for someone, but for most it’s the single tool that makes them strong, it gives them hope to know themselves. Few times love rescinds people but for many it gives them a chance to re-experience themselves and win the heart of many. Love is lucky when someone is being loved. But for many like me, love is the drug of my life, and I am still searching that love!

After spending around ten minutes reading the above lines with the mentioning of love for so many times, have you tried to think of someone special, even for a small span of time? You see, this is how it works, you can’t really explain it by writing or by sketching, and this is something even the best poets can’t put together in rhyming words.

So what are you going to do for that someone you love today? The person can be from the past tense, or someone you promised yourself that you are never going to call them again, but today it’s different, everything can be tried for the first time. How about we send a single text to them just to let them know that no matter what they have done to us or how much we care for them and still they don’t bother to ask how we are, that at least they are in our prayers, and we will love them always.

There is no harm in praying for someone you love. 

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  1. My words might sound a bit gay but you are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. I always admire you!

    There is a grammatical error "people falls for lame jokes very well."


Thanks for the response, I really Appreciate.