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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Abbas! You are a loser.

Dear Abbas sweetheart,

Commit to memory!
The uncounted integer of hours that you are spending, doing almost zilch-

Retain information, someone, somewhere is studying.
They are doing their assignments, completing their homework’s.

You know what? There are even public, who are reading books-WAIT!
Not story books hun! Their own text books. They adore their books. A short time after coming from their classes they find irresistible to finish the chapters that were covered in the classes. Trust me, there are a quantity of civic, you need not to go too far; glance more strongly among your classmates, who comes to class understanding the chapters in advance and they are versatile too. They do community service too. They are very full of zip in their personal club activities, and one of them is a very celebrated model too- with a high CGPA of course.

In case you have forgotten, once you by hand have updated a facebook status: “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. So, no matter what things you are doing is not anything but fooling around. You are making hoodwink of yourself. You don’t care for people any longer. If you are still thinking yourself as one of the Messiah, LOL, you are just a dupe. ABBAS YOU ARE A FAKE TOY.

Do you wanna know why?
The answers are so straightforward!

Genuine people are authentic and astonishing human beings who escort a balanced day after day life. And only one rank of people can actually reach that ‘status’ of being ‘REAL’. Bona fide people are accountable. They know how to take care of their liability and they know what to do when, where and how.

They feel affection for people, they think about for others and they never let those people around him down, who always cares for him. And the only person who can do that is only him, who loves himself first. The self who cannot love himself, the person who is not even sentient of his own priorities, how can he yet imagine of taking care of others?

Yes, he is venetian blind. He is a first-rate designer. He is so superior that he has twisted his own planet with his out-of-the-world mind's eye, which has very fewer relations with the existent world. Foremost thing is, he is so lonesome that he gets used to squander more time in his artistic world. Then the pits occur, in factual life he becomes unsocial and starts to mislay acquaintances or even of inferior quality, he doesn’t have any friends at all. He becomes so self-obsessed, that each day he starts to re-erect new typescript and objects in his imagination which he couldn’t pull off in the real world. He becomes contented. In the real world, he was and will linger as a loser.

So, as an alternative of doing superfluous oodles of toil and writing shits like this don’t fritter away your time.

Boy, you have to study. You need lofty CGPA; you have to bring in riches; a good deal of and only then you can get a distracting lass for you.

Love makes a person weak. So don’t be an arousing loser. Don’t make them your priority for which you are just an option.



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