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Monday, 19 March 2012

Abbas! Tui Ekta Khet…

Dear dost;

Hei! You know what? “Tui ekta Khet”.
Me: What? “Kii korlam ami?”
Dost: “Tui ekta khet hoyey gesish.”

I know very well, what was the precise trial that was going on my dim-witted psyche at that very instant. Someone calls you “Khet”; in front of two added good-looking girls; who were sitting in face of you and were staring at you uncomprehendingly; then you have to appreciate that, finally, this is the point in time to give up and become conscious that, baby something is not right.

Not only that the girl, whom you regard as one of your very good acquaintance, and the very next split second you ask over yourself, why on earth I like her so much? You see! You don’t know. Huh, you are mystified, you see? There you go, you are always confused. It’s not about that girl only, why would everyone, every single person who you know at least one moment back, after seeing you - stares at you for a jiffy, and asks the identical query? Why? “Abbas, what happened to you?” as customary, you have the alike ‘old school’ counter, “Koi kichui na”, “I am fine”, it’s just my classes and extra work.

Dude don’t give this shit to all and sundry, do you even apprehend through how much twinge your parent goes, when they witness their leader son crying in the core of the hours of darkness. They don’t even provoke to natter to you, they have previously lost one, and they don’t even yearn for to lose their ever-smiling one. They won’t speak to you, about any hush-hush theme of yours, because they know that you can knob them well. So, stop weeping like an emotional bitch and be a bona fide man, big boys don’t cry. Remember, “When GOD solves your problems, you have faith in HIS abilities; When GOD doesn’t solve your problems; He have faith in your abilities.”

Life goes on, as always, it won’t impede or cut short for you, not for a sole second. You have to re devise the whole thing, your priorities, sidelines, your family dealings, line of work and friends, everything according to the sketch. You have to be an authentic uncompromising worker, so that, each and every work can be performed at the true time and will formulate every moment as a special one, which overall, will rally round you to bestow you an enhanced existence.

So, how about giving a second contemplation to the inquiry that you always ask yourself, and every day you dig up the matching elderly respond- “I don’t know anything, at all”. In a nutshell, according to someone, “you are always confused.” How hilarious is that, isn’t it? There are so scores of people out there, who trust a person, and they deem him to be very explicit because they always count on his aptitude to judge; but on the supplementary side you are not proficient to take a single decision that has been affecting two potential life. Why?

Yeah! The answer that just came to my mind is: “I’m a khet”.
Start concentrating on the things you can control. You can’t change everything, but you can always change something. Wasting your time, talent and emotional energy on things that are beyond your control is a recipe for frustration, misery and stagnation. Invest your energy in the things you control, and act them now.

If you need time, take it.
Do something very quickly.

[Inspired from a pretty sister friend of mine.]

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